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Learning doesn't have to stop after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programs are both educational and fun. Our hands-on, one-hour, 4-8 week science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology, and many more.

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All About Our After-School Programs

The After-School Experience

Each of our classes includes an assortment of science experiments and activities that will challenge each student and allow them to channel their inner scientist!

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Live Virtual Programs

New for Fall 2020! We've altered our curriculum slightly so that students will be able to learn some science with supplies found at home! Once students register, they will receive a private link and list of necessary supplies. Then, they will tune in each week for some scientific fun! Limited Space Available.

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Our After School Programs are made to meet your needs! We can offer programs anywhere between 4 weeks to the entire semester! Most programs are funded by interested parents. Discounts available for longer sessions. If you're looking for something shorter, check out our workshops!

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How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program is held immediately after school for 1 hour and typically lasts for 4 or 8 weeks. However, Mad Science can accommodate program requests of 4 to 12 weeks. We will be happy to discuss any atypical scheduling needs.


Who pays for an after-school program?

Typically, after-school programs are paid for by parents. In some cases, a PTO or other organization may opt to pay part or all of the students' enrollment.


What's this about a free assembly?

When you bring a Mad Science after school program to your school, we will perform one of our Mad Science assemblies for free! The assembly is 45 minutes long and good for up to 350 students.


How will students register?

Students can register through our website. Before the start of the program, we will provide you with an official roster, so you know who will be staying for the program. Some schools decide to handle payment and registration on their own. In that case you will need to provide a roster for us.


Who are your instructors?

We recruit individuals who have experience in classrooms or with groups of elementary aged children. All our instructors must pass a series of state and national criminal background checks, and be cleared through our training process. Instructors are assigned for the entire length of the program.


What is the min/max for a program?

The class minimum is 10 students. If we do not reach the minimum number of students, we will notify the school and the parents. All money will be refunded 100%. The maximum is 20 students per class. If we reach the max, we may be able to open a second class, if a second classroom is provided.



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Happy Customers

Here's what schools have to say about our after-school programs!

Mad Science is a terrific program for today’s students. Our students have enjoyed the hands-on and challenging experiences that foster creative and higher-level thinking and problem-solving. Our school has appreciated the attention to detail as they use our facilities. Thanks to all at Mad Science!!!

Linda, Principal

Dallas, TX

Our parents and children loved the lunch time program. It was easy for us to implement...virtually hands free. We will have you back again and again.


Toronto, ON

Program was excellent! Children became very aware that science is not just fancy demonstrations utilizing complicated equipment. Science is everywhere - what a great motivator!


West New Jersey, NJ

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