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The Workshop Experience


Looking for new & exciting hands-on learning experiences?

Look no further! 


Our Mad Scientists use professional lesson plans that meet state curriculum requirements to present ideas with terms, phrases and language that kids can understand. Our hands on workshops present science concepts in innovative ways that draw children into the exciting world of possibility and discovery without ever leaving your site! Through the use of real life examples from the world around them, our proven method engages youngsters in active and experiential learning that heightens understanding, retention and application. In addition, ask us about our valuable Teacher Resource Guide! Available upon request, each contains preparation and review materials, extension activities, vocabulary and a bibliography. 

How do children learn best? Most educators agree that through experiential learning, subjects (especially complex or difficult ones) are driven home for students. What’s more, when students have an opportunity to experience science, it sparks their imagination and instills an appreciation and even a passion for the subject. Plus, they have a lot of fun doing it!

We bring science alive! We will provide students with the opportunity to participate in a unique, entertaining, and educational experience. Your class will be led by your very own in-class Mad Scientist and your children will explore a topic with a mixture of interactive discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on experiments. Children are left engaged, enthused and excited about science.

-All of our curriculum is designed based on the inquiry-based instructional method.
-We use professional lesson plans and equipment that is safety tested.

-Programs are aligned with National and State Science Standards. We continually do research to follow the progress of new Standards implementation and what it means for our schools.

Click here to access our Updated Pennsylvania State Science Correlations.

-We offer Teacher Resource Packages to help educators maximize the learning experience.
-We come with a tote full of science equipment and supplies, bagged and organized to work with groups of children.
-Can be adapted for any budget.
-We have dynamic educators who are masters at making learning fun. Most of our In-class Workshop Instructors are Certified Teachers with significant experience with children and teaching inside the classroom. 

Here are a few of our favorite workshops:

Moving Motion

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Children catapult into Newton's three laws of motion. They adjust the mass of two identical cars and learn that heavier objects need a bigger push to move the same distance. They see action-reaction forces at work as mini-rockets launch through the air.

Detective Science

Teaches: Scientific Inquiry
Students are introduced to the science techniques used to investigate and analyze crime scene evidence. They observe a fictional crime scene, and perform a mystery powder analysis, a fingerprint examination, an ink separation examination and more.


Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
This workshop introduces students to the fundamental concepts of electricity: circuits, conductors, insulators, and how electricity is converted for everyday uses. Students get to create different circuits, interact with plasma balls, discover “sticky” static electricity and make their own static energy chambers.


Teaches: Living Systems
Students are introduced to the world of entomology. Examining real specimens and models help children familiarize themselves with insect anatomy; they discover what sets them apart from other arthropods. They learn how insects defend themselves and pollinate plants. And insect habitat match-up helps children understand how insects adapt to their environment.

pH Phactor

Teaches: Chemistry
Students are introduced to the concept of pH, acids, and bases through a series of engaging experiments and exciting demonstrations. These concepts are applied using household items to improve students' understanding of the nature and purpose of the chemicals they often encounter.

All About Animals

Teaches: Living Systems
How do animals feed themselves and their young? Which animals hibernate and which ones migrate, and why? How do animals use camouflage and behavior to protect themselves from predators? Students gain a better understanding of the adaptations and characteristics of animals which live in different habitats and environments and make a cast of an animal paw print.

Click here to view our complete program catalog!

Please email or call Eric at (412) 779-0123 for more details.







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