Our Grades Elementary Workshop Themes


Life in the Sea

Life in the Sea plunges children into the depths of ocean life. Children explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. They compare shark and whale teeth, and measure the size of these incredible predators. Hands-on activities teach the interconnections of an ocean food web.


Slime Time

Slime Time introduces the Mad Science slime recipe in this gooey chemistry class. Polymer paper clips and cross-linking magnetic marbles will help to examine the key components of slime. Varied concoctions of slime will stir up in scientific style, and the properties of slime will be tested in a team-spirited fashion at the Slime Olympics!



Kids excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game. Designed for kids in grades 3-6.



In Earthworks, children dig-in to Earth science! Earth’s layers are introduced with a spotlight on its outer rocky layer. Children check out three rock samples to find out how they were made and where they were formed. They inspect minerals with an ultraviolet light to see them fluoresce. They model the moving plates that cause bends and breaks in the Earth’s rock layer.



Shipwrecked: Inventing means necessity! Archimedes and Benjamin Franklin both created devices to make their society function more smoothly. This week puts children on a deserted island on which they must work together to invent a means for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges, and learn about density. They use the tools at hand to build a ship and get back home!


Funky Forensics

Evidence collection and puzzle making will lead you to understand why forensic scientists like to understand the complete picture before they make decisions. Got clues? Analyze clues and get hot on the trail of a culprit with the Crime Lab program.


pH Phactor

In pH Phactor, students explore the crazy chemistry of acids and bases in this fascinating program on the pH scale. The pH Phactors hydrogen and hydroxide give a colorful introductions and the Phantastic pH test is applied to common household chemicals. Students are challenged to bring a mystery liquid to a perfect pH balance.


Chem in a Flash

In Chem in a Flash, children take a trip through several fields of chemistry and discover the factors that can change the rate of a reaction. A hands-on demonstration of oxidation is observed. Students experience a balloon-expanding experiment to test limiting reagents. The class wraps up with a color-changing electrolysis demonstration.


Space Travel

In Space Travel, students will launch their investigation of rocket propulsion using the compressed air inside balloons for thrust. The class will race balloon rockets, be challenged to devise a balloon-powered rocket car, and experiment with the fast-moving air produced by spinning propellers.


Living in Space

In Living in Space students will set out on a mission to investigate life in space. Children will see the special adaptations needed to live in space, learn about mission training techniques, and participate in the construction of a model space station.


Whiz Kids

. Children work together to form circuits and recreate Tesla's bright atmosphere for the 1893 World's Fair. They talk about sound and learn that anyone can be an inventor. The class moves from simple devices to Rube Goldberg devices and the children perform as parts of a complex human-machine. The children prepare a patent proposal and receive a patent certificate at the end of camp.


Energy Burst!

Energy Burst is an energetic class that explores energy transfer and energy conversion! Children jump and push up to reach their potential and use wind-up toys that swim, hop and flip. Children spring into action with poppers, Boinks, and jumping bugs. Pulling back a car lets children control how far it goes.


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