Our Friday Night Flash Camp Schedule


Nov. 1st - Dry Ice Capades

This cool program provides children the opportunity to probe the shifting states of matter through a series of engaging demonstrations. Kids observe a change of state from solid to liquid right before their eyes. Dry ice - the star of the show - under the guidance of the instructor, demonstrates the concept of sublimation. And of course, there is plenty of fog and bubbles!


Nov. 8th - Brixology

Join us for Brixology, where students will use Mad Science designed LEGO® kits to build a unique engineering-themed project! Then, they will use critical thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving to test and improve their creations! The theme for this session: Things that go!


Nov. 15th - Spy Academy

Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Learn Morse code, how spies communicate using only their hands, and explore how invisible ink works. Get into gear with Agent Undercover and learn what it takes to be successful in the spy world!


Nov. 22nd - Polymer Playground

Join us for an ooey gooey Slime-tastic good time! Polymer paper clips and cross-linking magnetic marbles will help to examine the key components of slime. Varied concoctions of slime will stir up in scientific style, and the properties of slime will be tested in a team-spirited fashion at the Slime Olympics!


Dec. 6th - Electricity

Take a tour on the electron freeway! The session will focus on conductors, insulators, transistors, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity. After learning the basics, students will be challenged to electroplate a nickel with copper!


Dec. 13th - Actions and Reactions

Children take a trip through several fields of chemistry and discover the factors that can change the rate of a reaction. A hands-on demonstration of oxidation is observed. Students experience a balloon-expanding experiment to test limiting reagents. The class wraps up with a color-changing electrolysis demonstration!


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