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Our special party! Kids are treated to a spectacular show filled with chemical and physical reactions! Our lab is your private party venue where kids can explore interesting toys and scientific objects. Dry ice fog and bubbles will dazzle the kids imaginations! We will explore the science behind making popcorn and cotton candy with our in-house machines!


Cosmic (In-Lab Only)

Looking for more? Enhance your party! In addition to everything you get with the Atomic Party we'll include an amazing hands-on activity! Wearing goggles and lab coats the kids will mix chemicals together and observe different reactions!


Galactic (In-Lab Only)

This party is out of this world! Want to pull out all the stops? Mad Science Goody Bags for everyone! Children will conduct their own experiment, make Slime to take home and leave with a Goody Bag full of exciting Mad Science items!



Take a class at Mad Science's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! This party blurs the line between Science and Magic with lessons on levitation, potions, and electrifying magic wands. Learn how to create never-ending bubbles, dragon's toothpaste, and all purpose fizz in "Potions 101," and even catch and destroy "He who must not be named" with a bit of Science!



This party is a sure way to spook your child into loving science! This party contains many Halloween themed chemistry experiments and features bubbling potions with dry ice. Your child will surely have a spook-tacular time!


Secret Agent

This party is filled with action-packed spy science. Become a super spy and learn clever ways of performing tasks in this hands-on view of the type of science that spies and detectives use! Children will examine evidence, decode messages, and learn about spy tactics!


Science Blast!

A specialty just for preschoolers! Children aged 3-5 will be blown away by our experiments with air and experience the power of air while our Mad Scientist uses scientific and household items to explain phenomenon children experience every single day! Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime



Perfect for bubbly preschoolers! A big favorite with the younger crowd, this party features all kinds of bubbles, bubble making equipment, and dry ice. Bubbling potions, the mad science shower, color changing liquids, bubble machines, hands-on Kubic Bubbles, and bubbles larger than a toddler!


Frozen Party

Explore some frozen science for your child's party! Instant snow, melting a styrofoam snowman, Frozen winds of the north, Eggbert the Troll are a part of the chilly, fun party. At the end, the children will make and take home sparkly blue "Frozen Slime"!


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