Our After-School Program Themes



Using LEGO® bricks, kids build a different engineering-themed project in each class. They explore different engineering fields including mechanical, structural, aerospace, nautical, and bioengineering. They use critical thinking and creative problem-solving to test and improve their creations.


NASA: The Academy of Future Space Explorers

NASA and Mad Science collaborate to educate the next generation! Children go on a voyage of discovery with unique hands-on activities, and amazing demonstrations that explore the sun and stars, space technology, rocket science, the atmosphere, planets and moons, and more!


Crazy Chemworks

Welcome to the world of chemistry! Children make gooey slime, experiment with different reactions and learn to use the tools that chemists use. Polymers and catalysts are only two of the fascinating concepts young scientists explore in this thrilling trip through the chemistry lab!


Animals, Energy, and Robots

Explore the energy of motion and life under the ocean’s surface in this fast-paced program of science fun! Learn about robots, green energy sources, Newton’s three laws of motion and much more! Children build their own Robot Hand and explore renewable and non-renewable resources for power generation. They will explore the animal kingdom and learn about the life cycles of their favorite creatures.


Minerals, Machines, and Movies

Children will engross themselves in entomology and search for clues to help crack a case. They will have the chance to inspect fluorescing minerals and see how simple machines lighten your load. They will also discover why science is the real star of the big screen and move out of the way of motorized toys. Finally, they will stage a statically charged indoor storm and go on a nutrient hunt!



Overcome a series of challenges using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors and most important of all – your mind! Create catapults and forts, build shelters, bridges, and learn about density. While Thomas Edison said “invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration,” this program is 100% FUN!


Secret Agent Lab

Develop your special agent and detective skills in this super hands-on program! Uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Sharpen your secret agent skills and discover how chemistry and the science of forensics can come to the aid of a secret agent. Secret agents-in-training will use science and awesome technological tools to connect the dots and help sniff out the suspects!


Mission: Code

Join us in an online game that teaches programming by helping campers recognize the patterns and sequence structures involved in writing a line of code. Playing as a robot, your task is to get through each level, collecting stars or destroying rubies by creating a sequence starting with directional arrows, brackets and a hammer.



This program offers a chance to explore just how gross our amazing bodies are! Discover cool chemical reactions, and get right down to the microscopic level to discover the stuff we're all made of—cells! Venture inward on a journey down the “Organ Trail” and explore all our body systems.


Red Hot Robots

Learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool robots. Experiment with sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots, amphibious robots and robots that can even play soccer! Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. Use your skills to build your very own robot to take home with you!


Grow with H2O

In this class, students will get a chance to dive into the biology of growing plants without having to leave the classroom by using our Hydroponics system!


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