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Our Team

Our amazing team of Mad Scientists dazzle children with their outgoing personalities that bring our science programs to life! Every member of our staff is focused on creating unforgettable experiences for each and every child; helping us spark imaginative learning throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Each one of our Mad Scientists has experience working with preschool or elementary-level children. They have excellent presentation and classroom management skills, and they have all undergone an extensive background check.

Our Mad Scientists

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Electric Eric

Electric Eric has a passion for music, physics, and all things electric! He's been teaching kids about science and how to rock n' roll for the past 7 years!

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Plan-it Janet

Plan-it Janet loves singing, bubbles, and the excitement of learning! She's been in the field of education enrichment since 2010. There's nothing Janet loves more than building an awesome party for future scientists!

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Atomic Amanda

Atomic Amanda likes plants, animals, and making exciting and exotic chemical solutions! She is an expert on a wide range of topics and is sure to dazzle your students with science!

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Miss Pye


Miss Pye likes math puns.

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Mr. Will

The man, the myth, the original Mad Scientist of Pittsburgh! Mr. Will is sure to excite and educate your students with things that flash, bang, and BOOM!

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