Our Preschool-Level Workshop Themes



Investigating the habits, needs and characteristics of dinosaurs leads to the exploration of the fossilization process. Hand-on activities assist students with their understanding of fossils and dinosaurs. Students will find out how big dinosaurs really were and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth.


Seeking Our Senses

Seeking our Senses is an introduction to how our five senses work and function and the ways in which we use them in our everyday lives. Do you really see what you think you see? What made that noise? These hands-on activities will make students more aware of how they perceive the world around them!


Where's the Air?

Be amazed at the power of air around us. Use a vortex generator, watch an aluminum can implode, and make your own paper helicopter to take home.


Walloping Weather

Children get weather-wise in this climate-controlled class! Children try out tools that meteorologists use to measure weather. They create three-day weather forecasts for cities around the world and stage a statically charged indoor storm!



Children dig-in to Earth science! They check out three rock samples to find out how they wee made where they were formed. Students model the moving plates that cause bends and breaks in the Earth's rock layer.


Junior Reactors

Junior Reactors introduces students to the concepts of atoms and reactions. A demonstration of the differences between physical and chemical reactions is followed by a hands-on series of experiments. The relative size of an atom is introduced in a cutting edge race as the children try to reduce a strip of paper down to its atomic size.


Life in the Sea

Life in the Sea plunges children into the depths of ocean life. Children explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. They compare shark and whale teeth, and measure the size of these incredible predators. Hands-on activities teach the interconnections of an ocean food web.



In Bugs! students get engrossed in entomology! They find out that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close. A container of creepy crawlers is divided into insects and non-insects. An ultraviolet powder demonstration shows how insects spread pollen. Students examine a bag of insect defenses.


All About Animals

All About Animals brings children into the amazing animal kingdom! Children get hands-on with real tooth and claw replicas. Children see what’s inside animals and discover which animals are truly spineless! Organizing a wide range of creatures teaches how scientists classify everything from elephants to arachnids.


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