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Birthday Parties at our Lab


You bring the cake and the guests and we do the rest!

A party at The Mad Science Lab is a wonderful experience for children ages 3 to 12. We have created the ultimate science birthday party experience! 

A party at The Mad Science Lab includes popcorn, cotton candy, pizza and drinks! Our Mad Scientists will perform a show

consisting of several experiments, and the children will make a Mad Science experiment to take home.

30 minutes before the party starts:    Birthday Family Arrives
Take this time to set up or decorate the space for your party (balloons, favors, cake)
1st 30 minutes: Guests Arrive
Open exploration of the room, science toys and games are set up around the space
Popcorn is served
2nd 30 minutes: Science Show begins!
3rd 30 minutes:

Pizza Arrives- Pizza is served
Kids complete take home experiment 

4th 30 minutes:

Sing Happy Birthday! 
 You are welcome to serve cake

Cotton Candy is served 

Times for the parties are:

Fridays at 4 pm - 6 pm or 5 pm -7 pm, 

Saturdays at 11 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm or 5 pm – 7 pm

Sundays at 11 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm, or 5 pm - 7 pm

The address of the Mad Science Lab is 100 Hafner Street, Etna, PA 15223.

 Directions (web version) 
Directions(printable: great for including in your invitations!) 


Call us at (412) 419-1779 or email to schedule your party now!




 100 Hafner Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15223

Park in front of StorExpress (Our Laboratory is to the immediate left of their entrance.)


Atomic Party: Our special party! Kids are treated to a spectacular show filled with chemical and physical reactions! Our lab is your private party venue where kids can explore interesting toys and scientific objects. Dry ice fog and bubbles will dazzle the kids imaginations! We will expore the science behind making popcorn and cotton candy with our in-house machines!

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime or Super Bouncy Ball

 $275 for up to 10 kids

        $15 per additional child

         Party Length: 2 hours

Cosmic Party: Looking for more? Enhance your party! In addition to everything you get with the Atomic Party we'll include an amazing hands-on activity! Wearing goggles and lab coats the kids will mix chemicals together and observe different reactions!

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime or Super Bouncy Ball and Personal Lab Coat 

 $375 for up to 10 kids

        $15 per additional child

         Party Length: 2 hours


Galactic Party: This party is out of this world! Want to pull out all the stops? Mad Science Goody Bags for everyone! Children will conduct their own experiment, make Slime to take home and leave with a Goody Bag full of exciting Mad Science items!

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime and Personal Lab Coat and Mad Science Goody Bag

 $425 for up to 10 kids

   $20 per additional child

  Party Length: 2 hours

Preschooler Parties:

  Science BLAST!: A specialty just for preschoolers. 

Children aged 3-5 will be blown away by our experiments with air and experience the power of air while our Mad Scientist uses scientific and household items to explain phenomenon children experience every single day

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime 

   Bubble-ology: Perfect for bubbly personalities!

 A big favorite with the younger crowd, this party features all kinds of bubbles, bubble making equipment, and dry ice. Bubbling potions, the mad science shower, color changing liquids, bubble machines, hands-on Kubic Bubbles, and bubbles larger than a toddler! 

 Take Home Activity: Mad Science Slime

 $275 for up to 10 kids

   $15 per additional child

     Party Length: 2 hours

Secret Agent Party: This party is filled with action-packed spy science. Become a super spy and learn clever ways of performing tasks in this hands-on view of the type of science that spies and detectives use! Children will examine evidence, decode messages, and learn about spy tactics!

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Copy Cat Putty!


      $300 for up to 10 kids

      $15 per additional child

       Party Length: 2 hours


Halloween Party: This party is a sure way to spook your child into loving science! This party contains many Halloween themed chemistry experiments and features bubbling potions with dry ice. Your child will surely have a spook-tacular time!

Take Home Activity: Mad Science Glowing Slime!

 Available September through November




      $300 for up to 10 kids

      $15 per additional child

       Party Length: 2 hours


Q: What do I need to do to make a reservation?
A: You can email, or click here to submit a request online. You can also call us at (412) 419-1779 and we’ll be happy to schedule your party over the phone. We require a $75 deposit to book your party which can be paid by credit card over the phone, or check, mailed to Mad Science of Pittsburgh, 945 Old Mill Road, Cheswick, PA 15024. Your deposit is fully refundable up to 3 business days before your party.  
Q: How many kids can the Mad Science Lab accomodate?
A: We can accomodate up to 30 kids if necessary, but we recommend keeping parties to about 20 kids.  Only 10 kids are included in your party price, and additional kids will be $15-$20 each (depending on which package you have selected).  You are not charged for adult guests, but remember that many parents might stay as well!
Q: Is my child counted as one of the 10 kids included in the party price?
A: No.  The birthday child will not be counted as one of the 10 guests.  
Q:  How much time is alotted before a Mad Science Party for the birthday family?
A:  The birthday family may arrive up to 30 minutes before their party begins to set up any decorations or to chat with the Mad Scientist at the party.  
Q: What do I need to bring to my party at the Mad Science Lab?
A:  You only need to bring your cake and candles.  If you would like to decorate with balloons or tablecloths, you will need to bring those as well.  All paper products, pizza, popcorn and cotton candy are provided by us! 
Q: Am I allowed to bring outside food or drinks to the Mad Science Lab?
A: Yes.  Pizza, lemonade, water, popcorn and cotton candy are provided. If you would like to provide more snacks or drinks for your guests, you are more than welcome to bring them to our lab.
Q: When do I need to finalize the number of guests? 
A: Someone from the Mad Science Lab will call you 2 or 3 days prior to your party.  At that time, we will ask how many guests you are expecting.  We will still be able to accomodate fluctuations in numbers on the day of the party! 
Q: Can I have the phone number of my Mad Scientist?
A: We do not provide the Mad Scientist’s personal contact information. If you would like the Mad Scientist to call you on the day of your party, we can make a note for him/her to do so.  
Q: For what ages are your parties appropriate?
A: Our parties are appropriate for children between 3 to 12 years of age. Children under 3 years of age generally watch, but do not actively participate in the party and should not make a take home project. We determine the number of attendees based on the number of children who actively participate in the party.  We also have special Preschooler parties for kids between 3 and 5 years old.
Q: When do I pay?
A: We require a $75 deposit to book your party. At the end of your party, you will pay the Mad Scientist the remaining balance; you can pay with cash, card, or check. 
Q: What is your policy on tipping?
A: If you think your Mad Scientist did a great job, a tip is very much appreciated!






A big thank you to Kelly @ Pgh Momtourage for her blog post about Mad Science parties! A few highlights can be found below:  





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